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Isola Design Group partners with Evangelion Studio for creating sculptures based on innovation and craftsmanship.

April 15-21 , Milano

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LG Hellas electronics x Evangelion Studio

The colossal LG electronics for its 20 years anniversary chose Evangelion Design Studio to decorate its interiors.

The "Llama" served as a comfortable seat to watch the unique LG television, into a living room decorated with the "Eggs" and highlighted with the "Skyscrapers", the "Ostrich" and the "City of Lights" painting.

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Milano Design Week 2023 The Blue "Egg" sculpture x Fondazione Sozzani-10 Corso Como and 1000 Vases

On the occasion of Miart and Milan Design Week 2023, 1000 VASES has invited Evangelion Studio to participate at the Fondazione Sozzani for the exhibition "1000 Vases: Into the blue" An out-of-the-ordinary exhibition demonstrating how fantasy can work endlessly on a single subject, and how beauty can take the most varied forms through different techniques and materials.

Evangelion Studio has created "The Blue Egg". The Egg, is a Vase hand crafted by plaster and as an individual element creates a unique identity to the space.

The Vase, is in shape of Egg to pose the dilemma, which came first?

The Egg Vase is basic blue, an oxymoron statement, discreet yet dynamic…a color of contradiction, calm and powerful at the same time.

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Evangelion Design Studio x Benaki Museum

Evangelion Design Studio collaborates with the Benaki Museum and creates the contemporary version of a statue from the permanent Greco Roman Collection. 'The Ippos' light/stand, hand crafted from plexiglass and neon flex.

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'Les Diners de Vago' at the Piree Foundation

Inspired by Dali and Gala's aphrodisiac dinners, the creative studio Evangelion is featured in the vibrant art and design cell, Pirée.

A dinner hosted by the Llamas and the visitor as part of a ritual. Splattered ceramic plates, colorful geometric plexiglass, camel cases and plaster eggs are illuminated by the ostrich and the poodle with a Piraeus printed on the background.

Angelos & Leto Katakouzenos Foundation: A symbiosis of the timeless and the contemporary.

The House of Angelos and Leto Katakouzenos, the philological salon of the Interwar period, opened its doors to the Evangelion Design Studio exhibition on May 7, 2022. A limited number of visitors will have the rare opportunity to experience an oxymoron symbiosis of contemporary cult design into a historical Athenian residence.

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